Coordinate spaces

In-game / For stage configs

Rolled Out! follows the same coordinate space as Unreal Engine 4: a left-handed system with +Z being the up direction, +X forwards, and +Y right.


Unreal Engine also uses centimeters as the unit of measurement, whereas many other 3D software tends to use meters; as such, you may need to multiply values by 100 when tinkering with a stage config.

For models (.obj files)

Model files use a right-handed system with +Y being up, +X being forwards, and -Z being right.


Units are expected to be in meters here - they will be multiplied by 100 when the game loads them to match up with Unreal’s use of centimeters, and the handedness/up direction converted to Unreal’s coordinate space as well.

If modelling using Blender, the BlendToRolledOut addon will export with Y up, X forwards for you - otherwise don’t forget to set that when exporting an OBJ.