Scene node


Scene node is the base type of any object that can be placed into a stage. All scene nodes have a transform, may have child nodes attached to them (which will have their transforms relative to their parent), and may have animations applied to them.

The base scene node has no collision or visual display in the world - you may find it most useful when animating a group of child nodes together, animating rotations around certain points, or as a destination point for wormholes to travel to.


Float and Quat properties here can be used as a data path in stage animations.

transform: Transform

transform.position: Vector3

transform.position.x: Float
transform.position.y: Float
transform.position.z: Float

transform.rotation: Quat

transform.rotation.x: Float
transform.rotation.y: Float
transform.rotation.z: Float
transform.rotation.w: Float

transform.scale: Vector3

transform.scale.x: Float
transform.scale.y: Float
transform.scale.z: Float